From Houston to Chicago

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It’s been a busy month of November. I started out in Houston for a new client; the CWC Group out of the UK to document the World Shale Oil and Gas conference.  It was a pleasure to work with their staff and I truly enjoyed learning about the shape of the energy industry and the immense possibilities for new sources of energy that will reshape the way our world will function in the years to come.

After  a short personal break I returned to work on the National Hemophilia Foundation Conference based this year in my hometown of Chicago. I finished supporting my associates who I hired to work on the first part of the event creating and printing family and group photos at the Grifols Booth. That again was a real pleasure as both my associates and I loved interacting with the attendees and making these instant images on-site then printing them on our dye-sub printer.

Then , before a week passed, I was back at the same Hotel, the Hyatt Regency Chicago for the Annual IASB/ISBO/IASA  conference. Attendance this year was up again to well over 12’000 attendees I believe.

Next week: The Annual Mid-Winter TMA conference in Chicago  with Condoleezza Rice as the guest speaker. That should be very interesting !

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