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Our Services

All images include Full Rights.


You maintain full control of all the images produced. We retain credit and portfolio rights .


Our digital production sets us apart from the average photographer.


We spend time and effort to craft images that will help to sell and explain your ideas.

We color correct, resize, retouch and generally polish our images before delivery.

If you find that an image or set of images needs further work we will do it at no cost to you until you are satisfied


We provide both print and Web size versions of our images.

We upload all images to a secure web galleries free of charge.


Prints can be ordered and shipped to you anywhere in the world.

All clients can download images  at any time from the web galleries.


We can  email images anywhere or create a final DVD, USB or upload of images  your favorite FTP portal.


Full Rights to all images we produce are always included with our work.


We can upload images to social  media sites  each day while we are on assignment


We travel worldwide and cover our own travel expenses.


We can print quality dye-sublimation images on-site


We are able to create a variety of portrait styles onsite; from traditional backdrops and environmental portraits to photo-booth style images.

We can create custom imprinted folders for your event as well.


We price our work according to your needs.


Our rates are based on a flat rate price structure. This is based on hours and logistics. Once the rate is fixed-it does not change.

There is no hidden charges or surprises after the fact. 

We do not charge over-time rates.

Our clients provide us with an RFP or specifics for our assignments and then we work to give each of our clients the best possible rate for our services.

We are always willing to negotiate and be flexible to serve our client's best interests.


We have photographed small groups of 15 people and large groups of seven thousand.


Mr. Levy is in high demand throughout the year and has a few trusted associates who work with him.

If he is unavailable , each of his associates knows what to do without concern.

The client can feel that they are in good hands.

They know his style and understand the complexities of the corporate and association meetings industry.


They are a highly dedicated group of  photographers who follow the same protocols set by Mr. Levy;

 providing quality creative pohotography and video services at affordable rates.


We know the meetings and event industries.


Our experience is reflected in our understanding of the specific demands of meetings and trade shows

We have photography well over 700 conferences and meetings.

And we've done so effectively throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe. 

We've worked in every possible lighting experience and can react clearly and think on our feet.

We are open to collboration with your team and we understand the daily onsite pressure that planners and their teams face.

You can count on us to come through for you.


We have worked in this area for many years and know exactly what it means to produce effective iamges for events.

We consider ourselves capable of creating and delivering quality results under pressure, on time and on budget for this unique and complex industry.

You can trust our experience to give your association or company exceptional resulkts each and everytime.

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